Solutions and Electrolytes - Chapter No 7

Right Answers have been shown below in red color.

1. The solution is a ___________ mixture of two or more two than pure substances.

a) Homogeneous
b) Solute
c) Concentration
d) Dilute

2. In solution, the large amount component is called ___________.

a) Homogeneous
b) Solvent
c) Solution
d) Composition

3. The component of solution which is in lesser amount, is called___________.

a) Homogeneous
b) Solvent
c) Solute
d) Composition

4. Volume, ___________ or moles, are usually called concentration units.

a) Number
b) Weight
c) Percentage
d) Solvent

5. The formula for molarity is ___________.

a) M = number of moles of solute / number of dm3 of solution
b) M = number of dm3 of solution / number of moles of solute
c) M = wt of solute / Eq wt of solute
d) None of these

6. What weight of (NaOH) is required to prepare 0.01M solution in 750 cm3.

a) 40 g
b) 3 g
c) 30 g
d) 0.3 g

7. What weight of NaOH is required to prepare 0.2 M solution in 750 cm3?

a) 9 g
b) 6 g
c) 3 g
d) 5 g

8. The equivalent weight of (NaOH) is ___________.

a) 90 g
b) 60 g
c) 40 g
d) 50 g

9. What is the molarity of a solution containing 45.0 g of glucose (C6H12O6) in 400 mls of water?

a) 4.25 mol
b) 6.25 mol
c) 3.25 mol
d) 0.625

10. The molal solution is the solution whose molality is _____________.

a) Ten
b) Five
c) One
d) Four

11. The process in which water molecules surround and interact with solute ions or molecules, is called ____________.

a) Hydration
b) Solvation
c) Product
d) Molecules

12. The number of moles of a substance divided by the total moles of all the substances, is called

a) Hydration
b) Solvation
c) Mole fraction
d) Component

13. In the process of hydration, bond of water does not____________.

a) Form
b) Break
c) Mix
d) Saturated

14. We can say that CuSO4.5H2O is a ____________.

a) Hydrate
b) Crystal
c) Ion
d) Molecule

15. “Ksp” is called____________.

a) Hydrate product
b) super product
c) Simple product
d) Solubility product

16. At a given temperature, when the maximum amount of solute is dissolved in the solution then it is called____________.

a) Saturated solution
b) Unsaturated solution
c) Super saturated solution
d) None of these

17. The negatively charged ionic substances are generally bigger have____________ ions.

a) Positive
b) Negative
c) Complex
d) Algebraic

18. Cations are also called ____________ ions.

a) Negative
b) Positive
c) Complex
d) None of these

19. Anions are also called ____________ ions

a) Positive
b) Negative
c) Complex
d) None of these

20. The flow of electrons is called____________..

a) Influence
b) Current
c) Ions
d) Molecules

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