General Knowledge MCQs

Right Answers have been shown below in red color.

101. When the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan?

A) 24 December 1979
B) 22 December 1974
C) 21 December 1979
D) 23 December 1974

102. Which country is the second biggest arms importer in the World?

A) Saudi Arabia
B) India
C) Russia
D) Pakistan

103. Which of the following is the national sweet of Pakistan?

A) Barfi
B) Gulab Jamun
C) Jalebi
D) None of these

104. How many vowels does Arabic Language have?

A) 3
B) 7
C) 9
D) 4

105. ISPR stands for what?

A) Inter Superior Personal Relations
B) Internal Services Public Relations
C) Inter Service Public Relations
D) Internal Superior Public Relations

106. Facebook was launched in which year?

A) February 4. 2002
B) February 4. 2004
C) February 4. 2003
D) February 4. 2009

107. MUST is a secret agency of which country?

A) Sweden
B) Poland
C) Denmark
D) Norway

108. Length of the tennis court is ______?

A) 23.77m
B) 33.3m
C) 9.33m
D) 8.21m

109. What is the name of the World’s oldest Skydiver?

A) lrene O’Shea
B) Ainy
C) Jimmy
D) Angela

110. Which of the following country made the World’s largest blanket in January 2019?

A) China
B) Ireland
C) Pakistan
D) None of these

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