General Knowledge MCQs

Right Answers have been shown below in red color.

111. Which of the following Europe country has the most Islands ?

A) Volga
B) Leman
C) Caspian
D) Black Sea

112. Which of the following Sea is located in Europe?

A) Dead Sea
B) Baltic Sea
C) Yellow Sea
D) Hudson Bay

113. Which of the following European Nation has the largest population?

A) France
B) Russia
C) United Kingdom
D) Germany

114. Which City is known as the Capital of Italy?

A) Rome
B) Vienna
C) Sofia
D) Athens

115. Which of the following City is the Capital of Bulgaria?

A) Sofia
B) Zagreb
C) Nicosia
D) Minsk

116. Which country lies to the South of Georgia?

A) Switzerland
B) Macedonia
C) Romania
D) Armenia

117. Which of the following country lies between Adriatic Sea and Aegean Sea?

A) Italy
B) Spain
C) Greece
D) Syria

118. Which of the following is the Capital of the Iceland?

A) Reykjavek
B) Oslo
C) Plovdiv
D) Kiev

119. Which of the following is the Captial of Lithuania?

A) Prague
B) Vienna
C) Vilnius
D) Sofia

120. What is the literacy rate of Poland?

A) 98 percent
B) 99 percent
C) 89 percent
D) 85 percent

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