General Knowledge MCQs

Right Answers have been shown below in red color.

121. Which of the following nation is the member of the OPEC.

A) United Kingdom
B) Belgium
C) Romania
D) Turkey

122. Which of the following is the Capital of Jamaica?

A) Kingston
B) Havana
C) Managua
D) San Juan

123. Which of the following is the Capital of Canada?

A) Ottawa
B) Toronto
C) Montreal
D) Quebec

124. What is the currency of Canada?

A) Dollar
B) Peso
C) Rupees
D) Balboa

125. Which of the following country lies to the South of Cuba?

A) Jamaica
B) El Salvador
C) Panama
D) Puerto Rico

126. In which year, USA declared its Independence ?

A) 1776
B) 1772
C) 1775
D) 1777

127. Which of the following City is not located in USA?

A) Houston
B) Los Angeles
C) Chicago
D) Montreal

128. What is the currency of Cuba?

A) Peso
B) Colon
C) Pound
D) Dollar

129. St. Johns is the Capital of which of the following Country?

A) Antigua
B) Costa Rica
C) El-Salvador
D) Guatemala

130. Which of the following city is the Capital of Dominican Republic?

A) Mexico
B) Cuba
C) Staint Lucia
D) Guadeloupe

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