General Knowledge MCQs

Right Answers have been shown below in red color.

141. Which of the following ocean lies to the West of Australia?

A) Indian Ocean
B) Pacific Ocean
C) Atlantic Ocean
D) None of these

142. What is the currency of Australia?

A) Pound
B) Riyal
C) Dollar
D) Peso

143. Port Villa is the Capital of which country?

A) Vanuatu
B) Marshall Islands
C) Papua New
D) Kiribati

144. Which of the following City is the Capital of New Zealand?

A) Wellington
B) Perth
C) Melbourne
D) Auckland

145. Which country got membership of UN on 14th Sep, 1999?

A) Kiribati
B) Nauru
C) India
D) New Zealand

146. ‘Majuro’ is the Capital of which Country?

A) Marshall Islands
B) Kiribati
C) Nauru
D) Micronesia

147. Which of the following Country is not located in the Pacific Ocean?

A) Nauru
B) Kiribati
C) Marshall Islands
D) Ivory Coast

148. UNO came into existence on which date?

A) 24th October, 1945
B) 21th October, 1947
C) 25th October, 1947
D) 29th October, 1945

149. Which of the following Country joined UNO on 30th September, 1947?

A) Pakistan
B) India
C) Iran
D) China

150. How many countries were granted the membership of UNO in the year 1946?

A) Four
B) Six
C) Nine
D) Five

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