General Knowledge MCQs

Right Answers have been shown below in red color.

91. Who was the first Captain of the Pakistan National Cricket Team?

A) Imtiaz Ahmed
B) Fazal Mahmood
C) Abdul Hafeez Kardar
D) Imran Khan

92. International Education day is observed every year on which date?

A) 25th February
B) 15th January
C) 24th January
D) 21th February

93. PCW stands for what?

A) Pakistan Criminal Investigation Wing
B) Popcorn cut and invest company
C) Pakistan Commission for Indus Waters
D) Peep core in water

94. Who is the author of the book named as “We Are Displaced”?

A) Rehana Khan
B) Sharmeen Obaid
C) Malala Yousafzai
D) Reham Khan

95. International Human Rights day is observed every year on which date?

A) 2nd December
B) 10th December
C) 13th December
D) 14th December

96. Youtube was launched in which year?

A) 2005
B) 2002
C) 2001
D) 2009

97. Singapore was separated from which country?

A) Malaysia
B) Japan
C) Ireland
D) China

98. Which of the following country has the large number of nuclear warheads?

A) America
B) France
C) Russia
D) China

99. SIM stands for what on a call phone?

A) Subscriber Identity Module
B) Subscriber Inline Module
C) Subscriber Internet Module
D) Subscriber Interface Module

100. When the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking is observed?

A) 25 July
B) 26 July
C) 12 July
D) 2 July

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