General Knowledge MCQs

Right Answers have been shown below in red color.

1. The D-8 is an organization of which kind of eight countries ?

A) Asian
B) Developed
C) Developing 
D) American

2. What is the currency of Indonesia ?

A) Rupiah
B) Riyal
C) Dinar
D) Rupees

5. How many are there in SAARC?

A) 5
B) 6
C) 3
D) 8

6. What is the capital of Angola ?

A) Luanda
B) Islamabad
C) Canberra
D) Baku

7. On which date the United Nations was founded on ?

A) March 24, 1945
B) October 24, 1945
C) April 2, 1975
D) April 4, 1987

8. Where is the working capital of European Union ?

A) Brussels
B) London
C) Austria
D) Washington

9. Which on is the most powerful organ of United Nations?

A) International Court of Justice
B) Security Council
C) General Assembly
D) Secretariat

10. Which one is the largest ocean of the World?

A) Atlantic
B) Indian
C) Pacific
D) None of these

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