Personl Interview Quesitons are usually asked in ISSB Interview to check how much information he/she has about their family and relatives. Below the most common quesitons are given for to get an idea which type of questions can be asked from you. we recommend you to prepare well for this questions also, that will help you to clear the interview easily.

below some examples related to personal information questions are given that will help you to understand which type of questions can be asked from you during ISSB interview.

Q) Gentleman ! What is your name?

A) My name is Umar Shahzad.

Q) What is the meaning of your name?

A)  the meaning of my name is “Life” and “Name of Second Caliph“.

Q) What is your age ?

A) I am 20 year old.

Q) Whats your father profession?

A) He is serving in Pakistan Navy.

Q) What are you doing these days?

A) I am just learning some new skills and also preparing for universities entry test.

Q) Why do you want to join (Pakistan Navy/Pakistan Army/Pakistan Air Force)?

A) I have interest in (Pakistan Navy/Pakistan Army/Pakistan Air Force) and also have desire to serve my country by protecting them from the enemy.

Q) Whats your qualification?

A) I have just done Fsc/intermediate in engineering.

Q) What are your hobbies/interests ?

A) I love to do Programming due to having a lot of interest in that, also i love to play Football and Cricket.

Q) Where is your Hometown ?

A) My hometown is in Lahore, Punjab.

Q) Which type of friends/People do you like ?

A) I like to be around with hardworking and helping people, they always motivate others and help others in order to achieve their goals.

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