During ISSB Interview, the interviewer usually ask different type of sex related questions to know more about you, As it is not topic to discuss openly, Many Candidates get confused in it and do not answer it properly. This behaviour during the Interview can affect your selection in the Force you have applied for, we suggest all of you to stay positive and answer all the questions with confidence.


Q) Have you ever watched ‘Blue Print Film‘ ?

A) Many candidates directly answer it like ‘NO‘ or what is ‘BP Film‘, I don’t know about it, Don’t try to be smart like this, We all have watched ‘Blue Print Film‘ and its a reality so just say ‘Yes‘ i have watched, it will show that you are honest and instead of telling a lie, you preferred to say the truth.

Q) Do you have any Girlfriend/Boyfriend?

A) If you will have any girlfriend or boyfriend then don’t lie to them that you don’t have just say the truth, they can also ask questions after, like have you ever done sex ?, if you have then say ‘Yes‘. We recommend all of you to while answering to these type of questions, always be honest.

Q) Have you ever have sex with someone?

A) Try to remember this they will ask these type of questions to check how much honest you are, so if you had sex then always say ‘Yes‘. There are many candidates who got recommended after giving interview with full honesty so don’t lie.

Q) Do you know what does ‘BP‘ and ‘Hp‘ stand for?

A) Many Candidates directly answer it like ‘Blue Print‘ and ‘Hand Practice‘, but we recommend you to answer it like ‘Blood Pressure‘ and ‘Horse Power‘.

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