Verbal Intelligence Test No 22

Verbal Intelligence Test No 22 is a free online quiz to prepare questions related to ISSB Intelligence Test, MCAT Intelligence Test, ECAT Intelligence Test, Pakistan Navy Initial Intelligence Test, Pakistan Army Initial Intelligence Test, Pakitan Air Force Initial Intelligence Test. Instructions for this test are given below with full explanation.


Test NAMEVerbal Intelligence Test No 22

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Intelligence Test

Verbal Intelligence Test No 22

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Select the next two numbers in the below series.

20   6   24    7   28   __   __?

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Select the different one from the rest.

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If a girl is 24 year younger than his Brother and after two year the sum of their will be 40. How old is the brother?

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If erasers sell at 4 for 60 paisas then how much will 2 1/2  dozen cost ?

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The cost of four bicycles or one car is rs.180,000 Umar wants to purchase one bicycle and one car and also willing to pay rs.90,000 as down payment. what will be the credit for Umar?

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Umar tells is friend that our cock is the best cock so can you tell how many eggs can be obtained from that cock is one year?

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Select the next number in the below series.

3     9     14    18   36     40     _?

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One basket of mangoes has one-third again as many mangoes as a second basket if the first basket has has 3 more mangoes as a second basket, then how many has the first basket?

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Suppose a Bus is running 4 minutes late and losing 4 seconds per minute then how many more minute will it take for the bus to running half an hour late?

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Select the next number in the below series.

4      12      15    45     48     _?

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Complete the given words:

D-nk-y?       (Animal)

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Complete the given word

L–n–h  ?    (meals)

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One man can complete a piece of work in eight day while the other man can complete the same work in just four days(if both work 10 hours per day)How many hours are required to complete  the same work if both men do the same task combined?

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Select the next number in the below series.

4          16      36       _?

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 In a football tournament based on knock out system the winner of the final match won six matches in the whole tournament .How many teams took part in the tournament ?

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Umar is same age as Rehman
Rehman is younger than Shees
Shees is older than Umar
Assuming that the first two statements are true so tell is the third statement?

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Umar is 5 cm taller than Adeel , while Faizan is 3 cm taller than Umar . if Faheem is 2 cm shorter than Adeel and having a  height of 5 feet . what is the height of Faizan?

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A clock lost two minutes per hour then if on Monday 9 A.M the watch was exactly showing 9 A.M so what is the time on watch on Wednesday 9 A.M ?

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 A train left Gujrat at 6.45 AM and easily reached sahiwal at 3.30 P.M how long did it take ?

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Imran is now four times as old as this daughter , ten year ago ,if the sum of their ages was sixty. find the present age of the daughter?

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Select the different one from the rest.

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In a group of 50 players 30% play cricker  80% play hockey  so Are there any who play both cricket and hockey?

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Add the number which are in the middle of the given series to the largest number given and divide the total by the smallest number:

28     5     18    6     7   __?

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Two trains are traveling in opposite directions one of these 100 meter long having a speed of 60 km/h while other is 500 meter long having a speed of 120 km/h in what time do these cross each other ?

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Select the different one from the rest.

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 Milk is to white then grass is to  ____?

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Suppose a piece of a rope 20 ft. long is cut into 2 pieces so that the one is 2/3 as long as the other how long will that longer piece be?

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Select the different one from the rest.

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Select the different one from the rest.

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The total combined length of two rivers x and y is 1000 kilometers so if the river x is 200 km shorter than the river y then find the individual length of each river?


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